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Akses, Necil Kâzım(1908-99)

Violin Concerto

CPO 999799-2. Aşkın, NDR RO Hannover, Gokman.

Necil Akses is a key figure among the first generation of twentieth-century Turkish composers who turned to the West for their musical training. As an accomplished violinist -he was a pupil of Suk- it is not surprising that his 1969 Concerto provides an impressively diverse, predominantly melodic solo role. It opens with a powefully rumbustious toccata-like tutti (laced with tam tam and percussion) which all but submerges the soloist. But the movement's lyricism soon predominates, even through bold rhythmic orchestral interruptions, and leads to a long cadenza, which in turn moves without a break into the hauntingly doleful slow movement.

The wild Scherzo is almost a taratella; then the melting Adagio theme returns nostalgically, to take the listener to a second, even more movingly ruminative cadenza, before being interrupted by the rumbustious return of the introductory tutti.

This live performance is passionately committed, and if Cihat Askin's timbre is small, his technique is fully up to the work's musical and technical demands.

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