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September 20 / 2000


AKSES: Piano Works
Emre Elivar, Aylin Çakıcı, Özgün Aydın, p
Cord Aria 546 70 minutes

Necil Kazim Akses was one an important inagurator of Turkish concert music. He died in 1999 ar age 91, and this "In Memoriam" album is devoted to his piano music. A student of Suk and an assistant to Hindemith, Akses combined Turkish motifs with the gentler modes of European modernism. By the 60s, as illustrated by Ten Pieces, his work was more dissonant and abstract. The music here is mostly attractive and certainly colorful. The most exotic pieces, such as the haunting Lento from the 1936 Miniatures, are meditations on Eastern modes. Other pieces have a busy Hindemithian polyphony or a Bartokian absorption in folk elements. The three pianists here all sound committed and authoritative, especially Emre Elivar, who allows an impressionist mist to brood over the slower works such as the sixth of the Ten Pieces. The sound is solid and realistic.

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